The business scope

  • General Aircraft  Assembly &  Reconstruction

    General Aircraft Assembly & Reconstruction

    Civil Aircraft  Reconstruction,  Disassembly and  Bonded Maintenance

    Civil Aircraft Reconstruction, Disassembly and Bonded Maintenance

     Production and R&D  of Aviation  Equipment, Material  and Intelligent  System

    Production and R&D of Aviation Equipment, Material and Intelligent System

    Training Base of  Aircraft Maintenance

    Training Base of Aircraft Maintenance

  •  Air Material  Distribution, Air  Material Testing  Air  Material Bonded

    Air Material Distribution, Air Material Testing Air Material Bonded

     Aviation  Warehousing and  Logistics Center

    Aviation Warehousing and Logistics Center

     Aviation Leasing   Financial Service

    Aviation Leasing Financial Service

Project overview

Hebei New Course Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. intends to utilize the existing production conditions and environment of bonded zone and Zhengding International Airport to build parks within parks and establish an aviation industrial park, and extend the aviation industrial chain through the derivation of the core industry module.

Industry outlook

Civil aviation industry is an emerging pillar industry encouraged, advocated and supported by the state. It has started to develop in tianjin, guangzhou and other places, and played a good guiding role for the aviation industry which is still in its infancy.

Construction scale

The project, with a total investment of 1.1 billion yuan, covers an area of about 340 mu and a construction area of about 114,000 square meters. It is capable of maintaining, refitting and disassembling large aircraft as well as storing, displaying and trading aviation materials.

Vision and outlook

Relying on the functional advantages of shijiazhuang comprehensive bonded zone and the geographical advantages of proximity to the beijing-tianjin market and zhengding airport, it cultivates the new industrial gathering capacity in north China and drives the rapid development of regional economy and technology level.

Aviation industrial park

Function module


General Aviation Aircraft Assembly & Reconstruction

The aircraft manufacturing and assembly base mainly provides well-known brands aircraft manufacturers with the agent service of bonded assembly for parts and materials of theiraircrafts. The general aircraft after assembly is sold abroad. Besides, it also undertakes the exhibition and agent service of general aircrafts of well-known brands and carries out the R&D, assembly and debugging of general aircraft parts.


Civil Aircraft Modification & Disassembly

The industrial chain of aircraft disassembly not only relates to various fields, but also drives thedevelopment and utilization of a series of support businesses and facilities, such as construction of disassembled base,utilization of air material store, development of air material trading and green recycling. The significant function that the comprehensive bonded zone takes on tariff can be brought into full play by carrying out bonded disassembly and air material trading in the aircraft disassembly base built in The comprehensive bonded zone, which is beneficial to complete the bonded disassembly without bringing in traditional aircraft, lowering difficulties in aircraft disassembly businesses, opening international aircraft disassembly businesses, and serving connections and operations for all links of the upstream and downstream of the aircraft disassembly industrial chain.


Aviation Bonded Maintenance

The average annual growth rate of maintenance costs in China will reach up to 10.1%, and the scale of the maintenance market will be expanded over 160%, which makes China the area with the largest net increase at global maintenance costs. Bonded maintenance is an unique advantage ownedby Shijiazhuang Comprehensive Bonded Zone, which not only ensured the low-cost labor cost, but also enjoyed tax breaks,enriching the development of international business andexpanding the local economic development space.


General aviation aircraft modification and assembly

Aviation warehousing is an important content of the aviation industry sector planning in the comprehensive bonded zone. During the process of carrying out aircraft businesses, the function of bonded warehousing is always being used, and the agent service of warehousing management of the third-party aviation business is also doomed to be involved in aircraft businesses in the future. The planning of warehouse in the aviation industry sector has fulfilled warehouse management requirements of various airmaterial, strengthened logistic function and bonded function in the comprehensive bonded zone, and boomed the business development of park ogistics.


Aircraft and Air material Trade

The systemization of civil aircraft is very strong, and the air material trade has been an global trading business. With the growth and development of domestic fleet, the market opportunity of air material will become bigger and bigger. The demand on general aircraft, especially general small aircraft, will be increased by a large margin as the restrictions is gradually decreased in the future. And with the increasing demand on aircraft and air material trade, the air material trade in the aviation industrial park will be integrated with the international air material trade as one step by step, in this aspect, the bonded zone in the aviation industry sector can be exactly taken into use, through which the role of the tariff ondomestic import & export district in the comprehensive bonded zone is played, the international trade power and market influence in the port of Shijiazhuang International Airport is strengthened, and the brand effect of Shijiazhuang regional economic construction is improved.


Leasing and Financial Service of Air Material

Financial services aviation leasing infrastructure investment; aviation materials trading, aviation materials distribution, aviation materials bonded logistics, aviation materials testing; aircraft maintenance, refitting, disassembly; general aviation aircraft, equipment, materials, intelligent system production and development

Relying on the bonded zone, the Aviation Industrial Park in Shijiazhuang Comprehensive Bonded Zone carries out businesseswith unique development advantages, such as processing with supplied materials, assembly, bonded services, port operations and bonded logistics. The Aviation Industrial Park in Shijiazhuang Comprehensive Bonded Zone has a professional technical and management team, which can provide effective protection and services for the admission projects.

The Aviation Industrial Park in Shijiazhuang Comprehensive Bonded Zone and the airport are connected byconnection way, aircraft to be maintained and disassembled can enter the aviation park directly for operation through the airport connection way, thus saving manpower, material resources, financial expenses, and a lot of time, making the aircraft's maintenance and disassembly more convenient, and allowing you to experience a one-stop service mode.

General Air Material Processing and Exhibition Center of the aviation industrial park has established a professional platform of general aircraft air material processing and exhibition, manufacturing and exchanges for domestic and foreign air material suppliers, process equipment providers and design and production units.

Aircraft Disassembly and Maintenance Large Hangar, General Aircraft Modification and Manufacturing Hangar and General Air material Processing and Sales Center of the aviation park has provided moreopportunities for domestic and foreign manufacturers to participate in aircraft disassembly and maintenance, general aircraft modification and manufacturing, general air material processing and trading by ways of cooperation such as leasing, purchasing and becoming a shareholder. The combination ofvarious cooperation ways has made us work skillfully with international standards; the combination of various cooperation ways has broadened our horizons, improved our capabilities and gained abundant economic benefits.

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