Maintaining aviation safety does not allow any arbitrary behavior

The guilin safety supervision bureau of the central and southern regional administration of civil aviation has intervened in the case of a female Internet celebrity who may have entered the cockpit of a guilin airlines flight.

On the evening of Nov. 3, a weibo user identified as a "well-known airline blogger" named "confirmation signal" posted a post saying that unrelated passengers entered the cockpit and sat in the driver's seat on a commercial flight. It was accompanied by pictures of a young woman in a non-airline uniform, without any identification, taking pictures in the cockpit with one hand in the "V" sign.

On November 4, guilin airlines staff responded that the company had launched an internal investigation to verify. According to a statement issued by guilin airlines, after verification, the incident occurred on the GT1011 guilin to yangzhou flight of guilin airlines on January 4. Guilin airlines decided to suspend the pilot for life for letting irrelevant personnel into the cockpit.

Dong nianqing, a professor at the civil aviation management academy of China, said the female passenger's entry into the cockpit was a clear violation of civil aviation laws and regulations.

Dong nianqing told reporters that according to the law, the captain is responsible for the safety of the civil aircraft. According to the provisions of the civil aviation law, the operation of the civil aircraft shall be the responsibility of the pilot-in-command, who shall strictly perform his duties to protect the safety of the civil aircraft and the persons and property carried therein.

Dong nianqing says, civil aviation carries pilot's license holder's right to the route to have limitation to stipulate. According to the regulations on the qualification of civil aircraft pilots, the pilot's intentional act, which causes bad social impact, will no longer have the right to license. Examination and approval rules, especially serious or license holder was identified as major accident responsibility, license holder was identified as larger flight malpractice, license holder was identified as general aviation accident responsibility person, license holder will no longer have rights in accordance with the rules of the driver's license issued by shipping line, and shall not be in engaged in public air transport aircraft of the pilot and the co-pilot. Dong nianqing believes that the pilot involved was grounded for life, which means his license will be revoked.

"Aviation safety needs to be achieved through a series of strict management and compliance with regulations. No random behavior is allowed, and ordinary behavior in the eyes of ordinary people may endanger aviation safety." Dong nianqing said. (journalist liang shi-bin)

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